Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event


Door middel van de conferentie van het Amsterdam Dance Event kunnen we op een positieve manier promotors, festival- en evenementenorganisatoren en producenten beïnvloeden.

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  • As a conference ADE can have a positive impact changing of mindset of promoters, festival/event organizers and producers. We promise for the next 3 years to have one strong panel during ADE that will share knowledge on regards of sustainable alternatives or recycling methods for items used at events that are currently made of plastic.

  • ADE Festival takes place at 200 independent venues in Amsterdam. We promised to work on engaging these venues and/or promoters with the Plastic Promise campaign, aiming at making ADE Festival a good example of plastic consumption reduction and plastic recycling initiatives.

  • ADE Conference commits itself to negotiate with the venues where we are hosting our conference the reduction of the use of plastic products such as cups, straws, bottles, etc from its catering services during the conference and beyond.

  • ADE Conference shall seek alternatives for items made of plastic regarding our merchandise items, our conference backpack and its sponsored goodies, conference materials such as lanyards, cards, etc.