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Events pioneering in responsible plastic use

Why this campaign?

This campaign informs visitors about the environmental impact of cups on the ground and motivates them to hand in their empty cups.



Reusable cups are not always reused as often as they should. When dropped on the ground they get damaged, quickly making them unusable.  Or they end up in the wrong bins and disappear from the area. A non-reused hardcup is far from sustainable.



Disposable cups shouldn’t be disposed just anywhere: On the ground they get mixed with sand, in the wrong bins they mix with other waste. If there is more than 2-5% contamination, it’s impossible to recycle these cups in a sustainable way.


Why participate?

When aiming for sustainable recycling and reusing of plastic cups and bottles at events, the visitor plays a crucial part. If we join forces with all the big drinks brands and organisers, we can together reach the majority of event visitors. We really need their help to recycle or reuse our cups and bottles, which is the ambition we agreed upon in the Plastic Promise.

Awareness and behavioural change are hard to achieve. It’s important to keep on repeating the message in a consistent way. Only with an industrywide approach will we be able to make a difference.


Download the media kit

In collaboration with Boomerang Agency and behavioural scientists we developed a media kit that is suited for both big festivals and for small-scale, local events. To prevent unnecessary production and transport, we provide digital materials only.