Events pioneering to become plastic smart

Now that our society is increasingly focused on sustainability and circularity, the event industry’s continued dependency on plastic disposables is becoming outdated. On European and national levels, regulations are under way to ban the use of plastic (disposables).

Plastic Promise is a national platform that lets pioneers share their knowledge and ambitions to reduce the event industry’s use of plastic disposables, and to recycle the remaining disposables in the most sustainable way possible.

On festivals and other events, the use of plastic disposables is still commonplace. It’s time to clean up our act. That’s why we’re striving to replace at least 50% of all our plastic disposables with reusable alternatives, or recycle them in the most sustainable way possible, within 3 years.

ADE Green 2018

ADE Green 2018

ADE Green 2018

The Plastic Promise platform was launched October 17th 2018 at ADE Green and will run for 3 years. The initiator of the Plastic Promise, Green Events, also partners with Plastic Pact NL to discuss trends, demands and questions from within the events industry.

By using plastic in a more sustainable way, we’re inspiring other sectors to do the same. Meanwhile, we are raising awareness amongst the millions of annual visitors to these events, promoting a more responsible use of plastics in their daily lives as well.

With their participation in the Plastic Promise, big players in the events industry are taking up the challenge to reduce their use of plastic disposables and minimise their impact on the environment. To make significant progress, cooperation with the whole production chain is crucial.

Plastic Promise is an initiative of Green Events Netherlands and the Green Deal ‘Waste-free Festivals’. This project is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.